Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Whitesbog BioBlitz - Fungi

This past weekend was the second annual BioBlitz at Whitesbog, located in the Brendan Byrne State Forest.

Patty, I, and many of our friends were participants. We arrived around noon, found our 'group', added our cooler to the already massed bounty, and had some lunch (food and drinks would continue to arrive throughout the day; we did not go hungry). After lunch we joined Marical Patino of the NJ Mycological Association for a Fungi and Mushroom Walk.

And while spring is apparently not the best time for mushrooms in the Pine Barrens we did find some interesting stuff, as can be seen below.

Eyelash Fungus

All fungi, but for one, I know not the species.

🍄  🍄  🍄  🍄  🍄

As it was a BioBlitz we looked at all living things, not just fungi.

Like this Green Frog.

And this Wolf Spider.

And flowers too.

🍄  🍄  🍄  🍄  🍄

But this walk, mostly fungi. Like these Waxy Cap mushrooms.

After we returned to listen to music, on the new Stage at Whitesbog, and eat some more. Good times.

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