Monday, September 21, 2020

Googly Eyed Moth

I was doing some yard work when this critter landed on my work glove.

As is my custom, I pulled out my phone and took some pictures.

It wasn't until I loaded the images onto my computer that I noticed the eyes.

👀  👁  👀  👁  👀

This is probably an Orange Holomelina, Virbia aurantiaca,  but I've been cautioned that id'ing species in the genus Virbia is difficult. 

So I'll just call this the Googly Eyed Moth, and leave it at that. Happy knowing that such a creature lives  in our yard.

Today's Bubbler Bird

 Gray Catbird

A relative of the Mockingbird, this critter also mimics the calls of other birds. But it is known, and named, for its cat like call.

This bird likes forest edges with thick shrubs and fruit. That describes our yard, so we've had several about for the last month or so. They, along with the Great-crested Flycatchers, have picked our Elderberry and Viburnums clean. Chowing down on the berries.

They are curious, like their namesake, and will often fly to a nearby bush to check us out while we're in the yard. Also curious is that despite their being a year round resident of New Jersey, we do not see them year round in our yard. We see them in spring and then again in fall.

I suspect that the lack of understory in the woods around us, due to deer pressure, is the reason they're not here. Perhaps as we extend the deer fence around our yard, to recreate this forest understory, they'll decide to hang around.

Until them, we've still several fruiting shrubs and they are welcome to pick them clean too.

🐦  🐦  🐦  🐦  🐦

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Sunday, September 20, 2020

The End of the Show?

Today, Sunday September 20th, was not a good day for warblers in the yard. It's been two days since we've seen the Prothonotary, so I guess it has gone. And the only warbler we saw win the yard today was this one.

The American Redstart. These two were spotted while we were watching bad football.

It seems the warbler show may be over for this year.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Meanwhile at the Back Bubbler

 In this week's back bubbler news ...

Northern Raccoons are still visiting, although we don't see them in the feeder garden all that often. Maybe when we start putting peanut butter out for the flying squirrels we'll see them there.

American Redstarts male ...

... and female have been common in the yard the past couple or weeks. So no surprise to see them at the back bubbler.

Likewise with Black and White Warblers.

That cat is still around. We've tried to coax it in but it is very wary of humans. Sadly, it doesn't look very  healthy.

The Eastern Gray Squirrels on the other hand look just fine. Of course, unlike the cats, they are native to the area, and are adapted to the environment and living outdoors (cats are known as "house cats" for a reason).

And we have a very healthy population of Mourning Doves, which are the most common critters on the trail cam images. 

And that's it for this weeks update. I keep hoping with bird migration underway we'll get something interesting and unusual. Hasn't happened yet, but the camera is out there watching. My fingers are crossed.

Today's Bubbler Bird (A YCOTW)

 The Bluejay.

Bluejays are common yard birds. And breed in our area, if not our yard. Yet they disappeared for what seemed like the entire summer, returning only in the last couple of weeks.

And for the past several days we've had three at a time visiting the feeders. 

And seemingly more calling from the surrounding woods. Often mimicking a Red-shouldered Hawk, causing me to search to no avail.

A boisterous and active critter when they are around, we expect to enjoy their antics throughout the winter.

🐦  🐦  🐦  🐦  🐦

You can find all of the Yard Critter posts listed here.

Still Still Here

The Prothonotary Warbler that is. Friday September 18 edition.

It's deja vu all over again.

Seen here munching down a caterpillar of unknown species.

 I guess it won't leave until the food runs out. Or ti gets too cold.

Destination Yard II

That fellow who showed up Wednesday morning liked the place so much he came back. And he brought along his wife. He emailed first this time. :-)

And after a short tour of the yard they settled down to wait for the warbler show to begin.

And begin it did.

And if we zoom in ...

... we see he got the Prothonotary (you may need to bigafy).

Or jus look at his image:

Image courtesy Bob Ferguson

The American Redstarts have been daily visitors.

Image courtesy Bob Ferguson

And to everyone's delight, a Hooded Warbler made an appearance.

Image courtesy Bob Ferguson

And one final image of the Prothonotary. Kinda looks like a penguin.

Image courtesy Bob Ferguson

📷  🐢  🐦  🐍  🐤  🦎  🐧  🐸  📷

You can find more of Bob's excellent photographs on his Flicker site. Enjoy!