Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my place to yours.

With apologies to Lené at Counting Petals, who has a much nicer place than I do. But I've got turkeys! (Snapped with my cellphone.)

[The first wild turkeys I ever saw were in a tree at my cousin's place, on Thanksgiving, roosting for the night, in 2001.]

Saturday, November 7, 2009

365 Theme 115: Furry

Milkweed seeds, sparkling in the afternoon sun.
365 Theme 175: Logs

In waiting.
365 Theme 139: Hands

When Oreo looks out the window, or goes hopping about in the back yard, she might wonder about the tree with the curious red leaves. Each hand print is that of a volunteer at the Rancocas Nature Center. Mine is up there somewhere, can you find it?
365 Theme 229: Paws

This is Oreo. Oreo lives amongst all the artwork shown in the prior three posts. Do you think it helps make her feel at home?
365 Theme 350: Wall

The back wall in the mens room at the RNC. Painted by different artists then those who did the window. (The first bit of volunteering I did at the RNC was to paint this bathroom. Less than a month later they repainted it with this. All my work for nothing!)
365 Theme 362: Windows

Not quite the view out the RNC classroom window. Painted by two teenage girls as a volunteer project.
365 Theme 14: Artificial

If only they were all that easy. The ceiling of the RNC classroom. (Click here for larger version.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

365 Theme 343: Unfinished

The day, not yet done.
365 Theme 333: Tower

A great blue heron watches the sunset at Sandy Hook from an osprey tower, the ospreys having headed south.
365 Theme 179: Magical or Mystical

From romance to werewolves the full moon has long been considered both. Even today the full moon is (incorrectly) invoked to explain all manner of things, "must be a full moon tonight" we say.
365 Theme 187: Monotone

Well, two tone if you count the black. Another twilight shot at Sandy Hook.
365 Theme 78: Distorted

Geese over Sandy Hook at twilight.
365 Theme 67: Costume

His first. He wasn't quite sure what was going on.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

365 Theme 39: Candlelight

A rather ineffective guardian of halloween treats as they were all gone by the end of the night.