Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Weekday Wanderings

My parents live in an adult community, Shadow Lake Village. On the last morning of my visit I went wandering about the place.

This is the view from their backyard. That's the green for hole #7. Dad, and I, were once avid golfers. And he (but sadly not I) has played this course on more than one occasion.

As noted in the Needle Ice post, I look down on a regular basis. Look closely (bigafy!) you'll see some nice snow flake crystals. Look along the center vein of the leaf on the right. I so wish I had my macro set up with me.

This is the view, albeit across the street, from the front of the house. A nice little wooded area with a stream flowing into the same watershed as the Poricy Park Stream. In fact, if I were to have continued sauntering in this direction we'd come to Poricy Park Pond. However this stream flows into Shadow Lake. Both of which then drain into the Navesink River.

But I instead head off toward Shadow Lake.

As I approached I heard the calling of Canada Geese.

And looking up, which I am also want to do, I saw them. And these are two lucky shots as I had my point and shoot camera with me, and couldn't really see what I was aiming at in the view screen. So I point and shot.

The lake was significantly larger than I expected. One gets a brief view form the road I take to get to my parents, but the lake curves and extends a nice distance.

I was also surprised to come upon a large number of canoes, kayaks, and small row boats. A much more active community than I had surmised.

As I continued along the lakeside trail, I found myself at the other end of the 7th hole. So I headed down the frozen fairway and back to my parent's place.

But not before I looked down one more time.

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