Wednesday, January 30, 2019

House on Fire

If you time your visit just right, you'll arrive as the sun climbs over the rock wall, illuminating the sandstone on the ground below. Sandstone which reflects the light back up to the rock above the Anasazi ruin of a 'house'.

And if it s clear day, and your timing is right, it will look like the house is on fire.

It will look like this. (Did I mention you need to get your timing right?)

And this.

🔥  🏠  🔥  🏠  🔥

The 'houses' were probably granaries for storing corn and not for human habitation. And this is just one of many (thousands) such ruins in Bears Ears National Monument.

We almost didn't see the 'fire' as we mis-identified the Canyon and the trailhead. And after walking two miles down and searching for a ruin that wasn't there, we had to hightail it to get back to our car and zip on down the correct trail. But make it we did and were rewarded with wonderful views and memories.

And some nice pictures.

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