Friday, January 4, 2019

An Inauspicious Start

I spent my New Year's Day looking at this view.

It is the Navesink River, from the south side. The crazy sailboaters are taking part in the Monmouth Boat Club's New Year's Day Regatta.

Here's a panoramic view from earlier in the day.

I had not planned on watching the regatta. Nor had I planned at being anywhere near the river.

The view is out the window of my dad's room in the aptly named Riverview Hospital.

🏥  🚑  🏥  🚑  🏥

I had called to wish my parents a happy New Year just as the ambulance was pulling away, taking dad to the hospital. Mom explained that he had fallen and may have broken his leg. And thus a change in my new year's plans. I drove up to spend New Year's Eve with mom, with a visit to the hospital to see dad. The bad news, a broken hip. And thus began the New Year's Day scramble to contact his doctors, most importantly his heart doctor.

Surgery was required. A rod to be installed to hold the bones together. But dad just had heart valve replacement surgery in October. And he is on blood thinners. So his cardiologist needed to sign off on the surgery. Fortunately the doctor was contacted, tests ordered, and were ready when he arrived at the hospital. The new valve was fine, and his heart is healthy enough for surgery. One more hurdle, counteracting the blood thinner. Bad news, the blood was still to thin. So the surgery was delayed a day.

It was almost delayed to a third day, but at 7:12 pm dad was rolled out of his room to surgery. And at 10:22 pm the doctor called me with the news that the surgery had gone well and that dad was in recovery.

It will be awhile until he is up and about, a couple more days in the hospital and then two weeks in rehab. And the doctor told me it will be six weeks or so until he is completely healed. But we are all very happy that the six week countdown has started.

Get well soon dad.

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Unknown said...

Best wishes to your dad for a complete recovery!