Thursday, January 17, 2019

More Needles

Now that I have the search image Needle Ice, I'm more likely spot it as I'm out and about. And yesterday morning I did just that.

I spotted this in our yard just outside the garage. Before I would have paid no mind and walked on by.

It was a much smaller instance of the phenomena, both in area covered and in the size of the needles then in the prior post.

You can learn more about this phenomena at these web pages.

I think it is very cool that I have found these in my yard.

Keep looking down.

❄️  ❄️  ❄️  ❄️

I did. I was brushing my teeth when I looked down out of the window and saw what looked like another patch of Needle Ice. And it was.

This is a chunk I lifted out to further examine. Here it is upside down, with the frozen soil crust on the bottom.

So keep looking down, and if you something like this, investigate. Have fun out there!

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