Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cats Indoors

I've written about our three cats, and how we keep them mostly indoors, with their outdoor time controlled.

And I've written about how it is better for local wildlife, as well as for the cats, to keep them indoors.

And I've written about the presumably feral cats which visit our yard. Here is another such cat.

Notice anything awry?

Be sure to click on the image to bigafy it.

Here is a crop of the same image.

Look at the cat's left eye.

You can't, because it isn't there. Just an empty socket.

😿  😿  😿  😿  😿

I didn't notice it until I was looking at the pictures on my computer. Why, I asked myself, wasn't the left eye sharp? Then the sad reality hit me.

Now I'm making an assumption here. That the cat is feral and it was somehow injured and not taken care of. This may not be the case. Our friend Marie fosters injured dogs, all of which receive proper care and have eventually been adopted. So it is possible that this is someone's pet. One which was injured, received the care it needed, and is now living its life as best it can.

I hope so. Because trying to hunt without depth perception won't be easy. And it is cold outside. Not a good recipe for survival.

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