Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Killing of the Shrew

Despite our best efforts to control our cat's time outdoors, we can't control all of the creatures in our yard.

Sadly, this Masked Shrew suffered the consequences.

As you can see these are small animals, not much larger than a US 25¢ piece. With a black tipped tail almost as long as the body.

Also known as the Common Shrew, it is the most widely distributed shrew in North America. They thrive in moist habits. Our yard certainly meets that criteria. So there are probably many more about the place.

Small, fast, and nocturnal, so despite being abundant in the areas they inhabit they are rarely seen.

Which is true of most of the small mammals that call our yard home. Lives lived unseen. It is only at times like this we know they are here.

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