Sunday, November 18, 2018

A Blizzard of Black Birds

Which aren't always so black ...

When the light hits them just right they can be quite colorful.

I mentioned the snow storm and the Common Grackles in a prior post. But I didn't indicate just how many grackles came.

A lot.

Really a lot.

We could make quite a few pies.

The images do not capture the magnitude of the flock. I estimate up to 500 hundred birds descended on our yard. It was crazy.

Every feeder was mobbed.

There was lost of jostling going on.

And as noted in the prior post, a bit of confrontation as well.

These birds stayed for about an hour or so. Then WHOOSH! and they were off to parts unknown. With so many birds it was quite a loud "whoosh".

A few, up to twenty or so at any one time, were at the feeders through out the remainder of the day. And as the snow has since melted they've not been back. But this was not the first time they've come and it probably won't be the last.

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