Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Not Afraid of You Either!

So far in our story ...

We know that Jack-O'-Lanterns are scary.

We know that Raccoons are afraid of Jack-O'-Lanterns.

We know that Opossums are not.

And now we learn the transitive property ...

It seems that Virginia Opossums, even little ones, are not afraid of Northern Raccoons.

The Opossum sizes up the Raccoon, which seems a bit stressed.

Then it pounces (the possum actual bit the raccoon)!

And off scurries the Raccoon.


This was not an isolated incident. We've seen small Opossums lunge and bite larger Raccoons on several occasions. And this evening I watched as a Raccoon, eating peanut butter five feet up in a tree, spotted a small Opossum (one of two that came by) and immediately started climbing further up the tree. Way up the tree. The Opossum appeared to find some food on the ground and then wandered off. Ignoring the  tree with the peanut butter.

Here's a shot taken with my iPhone of the scene this evening, showing the two young Opossums, the one under the tree coming after the one in the path (between the pumpkins) and well after the Raccoon had left the feeding station and headed up the tree.

As far as I know the Raccoon is still up in that tree ...

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