Friday, November 9, 2018


Last evening as I left my office I stopped to chat with one of my colleagues in the parking lot.

And then I turned around and saw this.

A gorgeous sunset with a nice red solar pillar.

📷 📷 📷 📷 📷

After missing too many such shots I now keep a pocket camera with me for moments like this (and this). My current pocket cam, which can nicely fit in my pocket, is a Sony RX 100 II (Sony's up to VI now, and a lot more $$$!).

It wasn't too long ago moments like these were seen but not shared. These days pretty much everyone has a camera in their pocket all the time, a smartphone camera. And I've taken many an image with mine, currently an iPhone 6S+.  But as good as these camera are, and the current flagship model phones are really good, sometimes you need more. 

Some photographers lament this inundation of images as the "death of photography". I think they're fools. Yes, in accordance with Sturgeon's Law, most images are crap, but most aren't meant to be good but rather fun, a memory capture, or documentary.  So keep on shooting. And sharing.

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