Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Safety in Numbers

Not so frightening when you're with family ...

Mom, sans tail, and the three kids wander in to the feeding station.

And proceed to gobble up the bird seed, peanut butter, and whatever else edible they can find.

Uh oh, where'd everybody go?

Look behind you, they're on the triple stump.

🎃  🎃  🎃  🎃  🎃

This is the last (?) post in the Jack-O'-Lantern series. At least for 2018.

This is the second family of Northern Raccoons, both with a mom and three young. The first family had Stumpy Jr., who we took to a local animal rehab center.

And I've also noted we've several raccoons without tails. Along with Stumpy Jr. we've also had Stumpy, who travels alone, and is likely not the Ms. Stumpy shown in this post. Who is stealing raccoon tails?

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