Saturday, September 22, 2018


We've not seen the Baby Bandidos in the past few days, although that doesn't mean they haven't been by. We do sleep while they are out and about. But we have seen Northern Raccoons. Including this one, which has visited our yard on multiple occasions.

We are maybe three meters or so about from each other, and it is interesting how the critters look but don't seem to see us. Maybe the window acts as a mirror? But that doesn't explain the screens, nor the sounds through said screens.

Somehow they just know that as long as we are inside we post no threat. But as soon as we open the doors they scamper away.

And how, I'm sure you're wondering, do we know that this one has visited before. Well, the picture above gives it away. This particular raccoon has no tail.

I wonder as to the story of how it was lost.

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