Friday, September 14, 2018

It Seems I'm Not The Only One ...

... to notice the frogs.

Great Blue Heron

Tuesday I was working from our home office when a slight motion caught the corner of my eye. Looking up and out the window, maybe ten feet away, was a Great Blue Heron. Standing at the gate to our fish pond. It appeared to have ambled over from the frog pond garden.

Fish Pond

It noticed me just as I noticed it. And before I could bring up my phone to take a photo (it was that close) it turned back toward the frog pond and flew off. I was on a conference call and thus could not pursue. Once the call ended I grabbed the camera and went looking. As I stepped out onto the deck it flew off toward the state forest behind our place.

It had been roosting out over our back pond.

Back Pond
It seems nowhere is safe.

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