Thursday, September 20, 2018

Unwanted Visitor

So after the raccoons came and left we put our some more food, this time cat food.

And we attracted a cat. Not what we were going for.


It seems there is a feral cat colony a couple hundred yards down the road from us, in an abandoned house. We've trapped several and taken them to the county animal shelter (we adopted one of our three cats from this same shelter).

Cats are a non-native species and are best kept, as with our three, indoors.* And while this one looks healthy, in general they have ticks, fleas, can spread diseases, and are somewhat malnourished.

Not a happy life.

* Our cats do get outdoor time, albeit in a controlled fashion. One of our cats did get outside recently and went missing for four days. We thought he as gone. But he was found and returned, after a trip to the vet to get many ticks removed, by a neighbor, who knew it must be someone's pet. This woman went door to door on our street to find us.  

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