Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fun With Spiders

Ok, just one spider.

This one (click the image to bigafy):

As you can tell by the cursor and the document icon, it is on my computer monitor (it is still wandering about the monitor as I type this). And it is pretty small.

It appears to be a species of Jumping Spider, most likely Maevia inclemens, the Dimorphic Jumper.

Ok, here is the fun part, it likes to chase the cursor.* Click here for a video.


Thanks again to John Maxwell, my go to guy for identifying creepy crawly things.

* I have no idea if a spider has likes or dislikes. But as you can see, it did chase the cursor. The background music is Keith Jarrett's The Koln Concert, it just happened to be playing when I spotted the spider; excellent morning music.


A day later and the spider is still hanging about. So I got my macro lens did some more shooting.

And it still chased the cursor around.

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