Sunday, August 17, 2008

This shot is of the elusive, for me anyway, green flash. It's not the best green flash image ever taken. But it is mine.

For several years I worked in Torrance, CA just south of LA (I lived in NJ, which made for a long commute). I was close enough to the Pacific coast that I could watch the sunset most nights over the ocean. But in those three years I never saw a green flash.

This past April I spent a week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. My sister and her husband have a time share which looks out over the water. I was up every morning enjoying and photographing the sunrise. On the morning of this shot I was looking through the lens as the sun broke the horizon. I noticed that the sun was green. It took a moment before I started firing off the shutter. And then the camera went dead. The battery had died! 

I quick went inside and uploaded the images to my laptop. And there was the tell tale green edge to the sun. I took plenty more sunrise images. But this was the only green flash I saw.


Avandria said...

This is stunning, Steve! I really love it!

I'm not a very good morning person but this really makes me want to get up to catch a sight like this.

Julie M said...

Lovely. I am a morning person but don't see sunrises like that in Ottawa...