Sunday, August 31, 2008

And we've now come full circle. A tilapia (or other fish) which lost its life (as illustrated in the piercing theme) becomes nourishment for three anhinga chicks just beginning theirs.

Not the most pleasant way to be fed, at least for my sensibilities, but the chicks were very enthusiastic. Continually bobbing their heads about mom's beak. Making it hard to get a good shot, with the chicks moving in and out of view as well as blur from all the motion.

The three shots in this meta-theme were all taken at the aptly named Anhinga Trail at the Royal Palms visitor center in the Everglades National Park. A wonderful location for wildlife photography in the winter months. Winter is the dry season in the Everglades, and the wildlife congregates at available water sources. The trail is built through and around a permanent borrow lake. As the wildlife is protected they've become habituated to humans on the trail. This anhinga nest was not more then ten feet from the boardwalk of the trail. I've got shots of cormorants and egrets eating fish on the trail itself, amidst the tourists (alas from 2006, or else I'd use one for the fish theme!) seemingly oblivious to the activity around them. Plus in the winter there are no mosquitos!

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Linda aka Elemobe said...

Oh wow, that is a really good capture. I'm with you, doesn't make me feel hungry, but the chick is certainly eager to tuck in.

I had one trip to the Everglades, we attended a wedding, so unfortunately didn't have much time - still memorable.