Monday, August 25, 2008

366 Theme 142: Shiny

It doesn't get much shiner than this!

One of the things I'm enjoying about this challenge is going back over my images from the year. This is another image of the sunrise in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (the Sunrise theme was as well). And I'm going to be adding one more, for the Distorted theme. I hope you like them. We were staying right on the beach and I shot the sunrise every morning.

Now I'm not a morning person, and it seemed I had some issue every morning. I wrote about the battery dying when I took the green flash image used for the sunrise theme. Well this morning I had focus problems. I shot a series of images as the sun rose and at one point I changed the focal length on the zoom lens. I was using manual focus as the sun was too bright for autofocus. For hopefully obvious reasons, I wasn't looking through the view finder when taking this image, nor the others in the series. At the same time I changed the focal length I managed to unintentionally change the focus. And thus had a whole bunch of shots of a way out of focus sun. Fortunately I was able to get a good number of keepers as well.

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Julie M said...

Another simply beautiful shot...