Saturday, August 30, 2008

A bad day for this fish, tilapia I think, as this anhinga is in for a bit of sushi.

The anhinga is also known as the snake bird, as they swim with their body underwater and their neck and head above. They are expert spear fishermen (fisherbirds?). But once the fish is caught they need to get it un-pierced and maneuver it so that they can swallow it head first. A feat worth watching. And while this one did it over water, others headed to land so when they dropped the fish it couldn't swim away.

Tilapia are not native to the Everglades and have become something of a pest. They apparently became established when a hurricane flooded a fish farm in southern Florida, although this may be apocryphal. And while the anhinga enjoy them the alligators and gar have not yet developed a taste.

I have, although I prefer mine cooked.

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