Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Choosy Possums Choose ...

Most nights we put peanut butter out to feed the flying squirrels and opossums that call our yard home. The squirrels usually show up immediately. The opossums wander by on their own schedule.

But tonight when Patty went out with the peanut butter the Virginia Opossum was already here. So, moving very slowly, she reached out with some peanut butter, and Oppie ate it. Very cool.


While Patty was doing this I was cleaning up after dinner, and when I walked in to the living room I saw her standing very still by the tree. The angle from the living room hides the platform Oppie is sitting on. But looking closely I was able to see the Oppie's tail. So I grabbed my camera and, again moving very slowly, walked outside to get this shot. Fortunately I was able to get close enough without scaring Oppie off.

She has a habit of feeding critters.

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