Sunday, June 18, 2017

Feeding Time

We maintain several hummingbird feeders in our yard which, as you might imagine, makes our yard popular with these tiny aerial jewels.

But today, when they came looking for breakfast, they found but empty hooks. The feeders were gone.

What cruel trick of fate had befallen them?

This: Patty had acquired two handheld feeders. And today was the day when we decided to try them out.

The birds have become accustomed to our presence, and will feed as we stand and watch. But would they use a handheld feeder? The species in our yard, and the only species in the eastern United States, is the Ruby-throated Hummingbird. The male, seen in the image below, has the ruby throat, while the female, above, has a white throat.

Both were curious yet wary as they investigated the new offering.

It was the females, or at least this one female, who first took the plunge. 

I counted seven birds buzzing about at any one time. But other than male or female I can't yet distinguish between them.

And, as they dart about quite quickly I doubt I will.

Although they do occasionally hover long enough to take their portrait.

I'm not sure who is happier, the birds or Patty. She does enjoy feeding birds by hand.

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