Monday, November 20, 2017

Winter is Coming

More of those birds which only show up in our yard when it get cold.

These winter visitors include ...

A male Purple Finch. Similar to the House Finch, a year round resident in this area, the Purple Finch has a purple wash across its entire body. These birds breed in Canada and spend the winter in the US, mostly east of the Mississippi River. But some prefer California.

A Fox Sparrow, the Red (Taiga) version. This population is also a Canadian breeder, which spends the winter in the US, again east of the Mississippi. There are four distinct populations, and the other three spend the winter out west. It is possible that these populations represent more than one species.

A Hermit Thrush. While technically not a 'winter bird' we only see this bird in our yard when the temps go low. And it is the only spotted thrush to be found in US in the winter months.


Now is a great time of year to put out food for birds. We fill our feeders and are rewarded with non-stop activity. And the birds appreciate the food during the winter months. And it is a great opportunity for citizen science.

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