Saturday, March 4, 2017

Winter Storm Max

We had just finished dinner when Patty remarked that ice cream would make a nice dessert. Alas, we had no ice cream. So I prepared for a visit to the local Wawa.

Meanwhile, as I was putting on my jacket, Patty exclaimed, "It's snowing. It's really snowing!". And so it was, as the view out the front window attests (just two days earlier it was in the seventies, Fahrenheit, and frogs were calling; welcome to March).

Now, we have three cats. Two are older, and spend their days mostly sleeping.

That's Pumpkin on the left and Alistair on the right. Neither has any interest in leaving the warmth of the house. But Max, shown below, isn't yet two years old. And is quite interested in exploring the world outside the windows.

Max also has a curious fascination with running water, hence his sitting by the tub (you may recall he also likes the sink). Now, house cats belong in the house (hence the name). So to satisfy Max's curiosity while also ensuring the safety of the other creatures that visit or make a home in our yard, we keep Max on a leash (although occasionally he gets loose).

And Patty realized that Max was outside on said leash. In the blizzard. This blizzard: click for video. And she went to rescue him. You can hear her say that she found Max "underneath the bush" sheltering from the snow.

In less than five minutes the ground was already getting covered.

And the deck had close to a quarter inch accumulation of the white stuff.

Is it any wonder that Max was huddled under the bush? No doubt thinking the feline equivalent of "WTF!".

Here he is safely inside, watching from the comfort of the living room couch.

And just like that it was over. By the time I got to the end of the deck, on my way to get that ice cream, the moon was already poking through the clouds. And by the time I reached the first stop sign there wasn't a cloud in the sky (that white dot in the branches is Venus).

Definitely in like a lion.

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