Monday, March 6, 2017

Every Cloud Has A ...

... Rainbow Lining!

I was working form home this past Friday, and at lunch went out to retrieve the mail. And as is my want I looked up. And saw an interesting cloud. "Better get a camera", I thought to myself.

I rushed into the house, knowing that I didn't have much time, as these events are fleeting. But the camera-lens combo I wanted wasn't set up. And time was a wasting ("we're losing light," as Patty would say).  So I ended up using a much wider lens than I wanted, the one already on the camera. And got this image.

Outside, to the naked eye the colors were not evident, it was too bright, and I had thought that I had completely missed the moment, that the cloud had drifted to far from the sun. I didn't even bother to look at the images on the card until late last night.

But when I finally downloaded the images to the computer and I zoomed in I saw this and realized I had just caught the tail end of the show (as always, click on the image to bigafy).

You can just see the colors on the edge of the cloud. In all I took three shots and each show the colors. As the cliche goes, chance favors the prepared mind. I knew to look up and that this type of cloud could light up with colors.

But as I noted in my last post, what am I missing, because I don't know to look?

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