Monday, March 27, 2017

Bird Boxen

In my recent Snow Birds post, there were images of Eastern Bluebird and Carolina Wren couples. The pairing up of which made me think that despite the snow spring was nigh.

It also made Patty overly optimistic that we could get bluebirds to nest in our yard. Which of course resulted in work for me.


Now our yard is a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Which means that the previous owners filled out a form on the interwebs, sent in some money, and received a sign. Which is now prominently displayed just off our deck. Of course they did meet the requirements for certification.

And if you've been following this blog you know that we do even more to maintain the yard as a haven for wildlife.

So it is not out of the question that bluebirds will take advantage of the two nest boxes I installed in the days immediately after that snow storm. And as there is no snow anywhere in these images you can correctly conclude that it wasn't all that much of a storm.

The nest box above is in our side yard and the one below our front yard. Hopefully, there is enough open space that, which along with the ready food supply, will entice the bluebirds to call one or both of these boxes home.

There is a much better chance that the wrens will nest here, in the lovely box that I've hung just outside our living room window. Patty did see them checking it out. Our fingers are crossed.

Now, did you notice the metal ring on the wren box? I put it there to keep squirrels and other critters from trying to enlarge the hole. The bluebird boxen have wooden hole protectors and thus needed no such modification.

And did you notice the colors on that metal ring?

Of course I did. Another fine example of thin film interference.

Physics is fun!

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