Friday, March 10, 2017

More Mirages

My friend Rosanne is doing a a photo a day challenge for 365 consecutive days. And this is one of those photos.

Image Courtesy Rosanne Bornholdt
It is Atlantic City enshrouded in fog. And as Rosanne says, it's the best way to see it (neither of us are excited by casinos) taken from the loop road at the Brigantine unit of the Edwin B. Forsythe NWR.

I too took some images of AC, as it is known colloquially in these parts, from the same road.

If you look closely at the two images you'll notice a couple of things.

First, Ro's image is much more aesthetically pleasing than mine. Second, I used a longer focal length. And third, mine seems to have an extra land mass in front to the buildings.

At least it did in the first image. But in this one, it's gone. An island that sunk? Floated on by? Vanished into thin air?

That last one is perhaps closest to the truth. It was a mirage. I think all the 'reflections' in my images are actually inferior mirages. And as the air changed the extra bits of land, as well as the extra images of the buildings, vanished.

And, perhaps obviously, I think that's pretty cool.

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