Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Same Bat Time

I had just arrived home from work and, as is my habit, while walking into the house I looked up.

And a bat was flying about. As it was still rather light out I grabbed my camera, went back out and starting shooting away.

And I took a lot of pictures. Most of them of something blurry, probably the bat. Or of no bat at all, just clear blue sky. But a few were, as I like to say, blog-worthy.

Most of my shots were like the one above, the bat distant and below the tree line. Which meant the camera generally focused on the trees and not the bat (I know, a good craftsman never blames his tools ...).

The bat did fly overhead. Sometimes high ...

... sometimes low. Of course, the closer the bat the faster it appeared to be flying.

And of course never flying in straight lines. Nope, always darting this way and that.

Maybe this year it will take up residence in our bat house? Please, pretty please. We have plenty of tasty mosquitoes!

And couldn't it land on a branch and take a rest? Posing nicely of course.

Not this time. Perhaps too hungry after a long migration? Which might explain why it was out hunting so early in the evening.


It is nice to see them back and just like last year, showing up in early March. Another sign of spring me hopes.

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