Monday, January 2, 2017

When Max Met Opie

We have three cats. But only one, Max, has any interest in going outside. To satiate this desire, we've fitted Max with a harness and take him out everyday, attaching the harness to a length of strong twine attached to our deck railing.

But Max on occasion will, when we aren't paying attention, run out the door and go walk about in the yard. And one recent night he did just that.

We also have a trail cam, which took the above image of Max, in his harness, lead to face with a Virginia Opossum. Alas, this is the only image the trail cam took of the encounter. So we've no idea of what went down that evening.

Max enjoys looking out the window each evening as the opies visit the feeders. I can only wonder what he is thinking.


Max is still young, less than two years old. The other two cats, Pumpkin and Alister, are much older. No doubt this is why Max wants out and the other two are content to remain inside the house. This is a good thing, as cats belong indoors. Cats are instinctive predators and even well fed cats will kill small animals. There are also dangers about such as Great Horned and Screech Owls, Coyotes, and Bobcats that could easily take a domestic cat. And an encounter with an angry opossum or raccoon could result in significant injuries.

For more info about why it is a good idea to keep cats indoors visit the appropriately named Cats Indoors and the Outdoor Cat FAQ at Cornell. Thanks.

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