Monday, January 23, 2017

Six Mile Cypress

On our recent trip to Florida we stayed in Ft. Myers. On a very busy thoroughfare with hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations, shops, even a small airport. And lots of traffic.

But just a short ride away and you're in another world. Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve.

We got there late afternoon, and followed the mile plus boardwalk trail through the wetlands.

It was a cypress swamp.

So of course there were cypress trees.

And some, but not much, active wildlife. A few birds, like the Black Crowned Night Heron below.

And some reptiles, such as alligators, turtles and snakes, some easy to see.

Others not so much.

(A snake in the water, just right of center, under a yellow leaf, halfway up from the bottom of the image.)

It was a peaceful walk, at place I could see visiting regularly had I been a local.

We ended our walk at the Alligator Lake overlook (yes there were alligators), watching the herons, egrets, and ibis fly in to roost for the night (bigafy the image; all the white dots in the trees are birds).

A nice way to end our last full day in Florida.

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