Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With ...

... a First Day Hike!

It is Chinese New Year, so we, just Patty and I this time, went back to the Beechwoods Nature Preserve for our second first day hike of 2017.

It was a bit colder than our first first day hike. And the trails, but for a jogger and a couple of guys leaving as we came in, were empty.

We spotted some beaver handy (toothy?) work.

And what appeared to be a low budget fishing lodge.

And we wondered how famous one must be ...

... to have a sewage treatment plant named after you?


Afterwards, no party back at our place. So, since Patty had a hankering for a gyro, we went to TC Stonehouse Eatery. It was very yummy. And very filling.

Image courtesy Patty Rehn


About that 1000 mile journey, well including today's milage so far, I'm at 91.8 miles this year. Which is five miles ahead of what is needed for January. And there are still three days to go!

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