Friday, October 18, 2019

Around the Yard

While wandering about finding all those caterpillars I came upon other things as well. Here are some I hope you find interesting.

How many slugs fit in a tree hole? I count at least ten.

All those Monarchs had to come from somewhere.

Slugs aren't the only yard mollusk.

There were plenty of these little snails.

The resident (in the fish pond filter box) Northern Water Snake. It may be a time share with a Bull Frog.

And the resident Black Rat Snake, which lives in the crawl space and the attic.

Some bird nest fungi.

Some bird feathers.

An Io Moth Caterpillar in Ninebark.

More fungi with ...

... and without slugs.

And fungi on fungi.

I wonder who lives here?

More butterfly shrapnel.

A mummified caterpillar. Species unknown.

Indirect evidence of insects.

Direct evidence of insects. In this case a Great Blue Skimmer.

Hamster, an Eastern Painted Turtle, is still hanging in our back pond. If you zoom in you can see my reflection in his/her eye.

It is migration time and we've had some interesting birds pass through.

The Great Blue Heron made another visit, perching in our dying willow tree. Of course I had only my phone.

Plenty of heron food, such as these Green Frogs, in our ponds.

Barklice are back.

With other insects on the way.

And when they show up, I'll be there. Camera in hand.

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