Sunday, June 10, 2018

Yard Critter of the Week - Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake.

I was doing a bit a yard work and decided to take a break and head inside for  beverage.

When I saw this.

What possible reason did the snake have for climbing up on the deck railing? Just above and out of the the frame is a hummingbird feeder. Did it really think it had a chance of catching a hummingbird?

Maybe, snakes aren't all that smart ...

This was another 'use your phone to get the shot' moments. As the other doors to the house were locked (I tried) and when I walked by to go inside to get a better camera it slithered away, into the Ninebark.


I found this, the snake skin not the beer, in the crawl space below our house, a couple of weeks ago.

These snakes are excellent rodent killers. And we have rodents. I set traps in the crawl space. And caught mice. It is nice to know we've got someone else on the job as well.


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