Thursday, June 28, 2018

New Birds

Somewhere in the world are several brand new American Robins.

There were several broken egg shells in the garden one recent morning. Birds will often rid the nest of waste, presumably to limit odors which would attract predators.

I've not seen any Robins in the yard of late, and I wasn't able to locate a nest in the Sweetgum tree the eggs were under. But birds try to avoid attracting attention to nests. Again to avoid predators.  And they can carry waste away from the nest before dropping it. So the nest could be anywhere in yard.

And while I don't plan to predate Robins they don't know that, and thus they hide from me as well.

But I know they're out there somewhere. And I'll keep looking.

And it seems that the blue color is more than just aesthetically pleasing. The color may protect the developing bird from harmful UV radiation as noted in this article. Pretty cool.

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