Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Patty is always on the look out for things to do and one such thing was a visit to Elk Country in Pennsylvania to see, you guessed it, Elk.

She found a B&B for us to stay at, and picked a weekend in June to visit, so as to see the young Elk. And then I lost my job, so I wasn't constrained by PTO time limits. So we switched to a midweek trip, to avoid the crowds. And off we went.

We saw our first two Elk while driving up the road to the B&B. Munching away, completely unconcerned with the passing cars.

We stayed in a town named Benezette, or Benezett, there seems to be a difference of opinion as to the final "e" in the name. Regardless, the town is home to the Elk Country Visitor Center, depicted above, at which there were a number of short trails that lead to viewing areas. We attempted to walk them on the first evening, but were rained out. We returned and walked them the next day (in the afternoon as it rained all morning).

And we did see Elk there.

The images above and below show a mother and calf. The mother is clearly visible in both, the calf better seen in the image below, the brown under the large branch in the center.

Definitely BVD (Better View Desired).

And while we would not get a better view of these two than the one above (still not good), we would get better views of moms and calves. Much better.

This one was just inside the entrance to the Center. In both cases we were alerted to the presence of Elk by others who had spotted them and were looking.

There were a number of elk viewing areas in town and in the surrounding area, Including this one, within walking distance from our B&B.

And in the evening the Elk come to Winslow Hill to eat.

The black circles in this one's ears are tags.

And relax.

Seems they like to lie down in the tall grass, sometimes disappearing from view.

While chatting with the locals at the viewing area, we learned of a big male just down the road. So off we went.

We found him, albeit on private land. And he wandered out of view after only a few shots.

We saw him again, and a few of his pals, on our last morning there. At the same place as the first time.

Imagine having this fellow in your yard. I don't think our deer fence would be enough to keep him out.

We also saw him and his buddies in the parking area of one of the viewing areas our second morning. And just as were getting some good pictures some yahoo and his family drive up, and said yahoo gets our of the car drinking a Miller. Really, 8:00 am and you choose Miller? No way Miller is a breakfast beer (and it isn't a good beer any other time for that matter).

Of course, they scared off the Elk. Bozos.

We spent three very nice days in Elk Country and saw plenty of Elk. We are already planning a return visit, this time in the fall rutting season.

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