Sunday, October 5, 2014


These birds are regular visitors and have been since we've moved in.

We have group of birds, which started out as two adults with eleven jakes and jennies, visiting the yard at least once and often twice a day, coming first for breakfast and then again for dinner.

The group was rather successful, with nine of the eleven young, and both adults, still visiting five months later.

One of our neighbors told us that this time of year we'd see more of the birds. So I wasn't entirely surprised when Patty counted seventeen out in the yard one day. She texted me to keep a weather eye for when I pulled into the driveway coming home from work.

I had thought I had spotted them down the road at said neighbor's farm as I approached the house. Not so as I found the flock moseying about our front yard.

I find the different head patterns curious, some with many warts, some none, some bright red, some dull.

They visited again on Saturday, but I'm not sure which group as I spotted them late and they were already moving off into the woods. I did manage to grab a few shots before they disappeared. But getting really good images is difficult as it is usually low light and the birds refuse to stand still.

But I'm sure I'll keep trying.

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