Monday, October 6, 2014

Other Visitors ...

... or are they fellow residents?

Here are a few more of the creatures that shared our Saturday.

I spotted this wolf spider when it ran across the back pond. I'm not sure what it was hunting as it scurried away.

I had been shooting the lilly pads at the time. Alas, I had frightened off all the frogs (we've six species of frogs and toads sharing our homestead -- stay tuned for pictures in an upcoming post).

I was then distracted by a butterfly which landed in our fire pit.

An eastern comma, I'm not sure what it found so appealing there. But the bright orange against the black and tan sure made it appealing to Patty and me.

You can see the namesake comma on its wing in this shot. A little white ",".

I'll finish up with one of the many autumn meadow hawks we have patrolling our yard, doing their best to keep the mosquito population in check.

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