Sunday, October 26, 2014

Purple is the New ...

... Finch in our yard.

This pair appeared Saturday morning at our feeder.

I don't remember ever seeing a Purple Finch in New Jersey before. And now there are two in my yard.

The forecast was good for Purple Finches this year. And it seems to be accurate. These birds breed in Canada and only head south in large numbers when the food supply is low. And that is the basis for the forecast, the seed crop is not a good one this year. So south the roam looking for food.

We weren't the only folks to see them this weekend. My friend Linda reports that she saw a dozen in Cape May, along with a few other birds.

We only had two but they did spend the entire weekend. Here's hoping that they decide to spend the winter with us.

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Danudin said...

A Purple Letter Day Indeed!