Tuesday, October 7, 2014

" ... Like Something From a Scifi Movie ..."

That's how she described these creatures as she drew out a map for where we could find them. "They were on both sides of the trail" she told us, "they seem to prefer the smaller bayberry bushes."

So off we went to Cape May Point State Park.

And we found them, right where she said they would be.

My first view was looking down on it like this. Curious looking to say the least.

A bit easier to figure out what it is from the side.

Stinging Rose Caterpillar, Parsa indetermina, yellow morph.

And orange morph. Not your ordinary caterpillars.

With the bright colors they were easy to spot, assuming one knew where (and to) look form them.

And that's the key, knowing to look for them.

Amazingly, despite us both squatting and kneeling in the bayberry bushes right on the side of the trail, looking and photographing, not a single passerby inquired as to what we were doing. What we were seeing. How many times have I walked blindly by some amazing creature or phenomena, totally oblivious to wonders around me?

The world is a wondrous magical place. So get out and look around.

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