Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hamster Jr.

When we were first looking at what is now our home, the then owner Dennis was showing us around. And he took us out to the back pond. And a turtle swam up.

"It's been here for a couple of weeks. He just showed up one day.", Dennis told us, "And he likes to eat shrimp." And at that Dennis bent down and gave him a shrimp.

The turtle, an Eastern Painted Turtle, also enjoyed lunchmeat, a somewhat more cost effective treat.


Thus whenever we had guests we'd let them feed our curiously tame wild turtle. It was Patty's niece who gave it the moniker, "Hamster", playing on its fondness for ham.

We had hoped Hamster would make our pond his pond. But it was not to be. We went away, to the Galapagos, and when we returned there was no sign of him. We had hoped that he went wandering and that he had not become a tasty treat for some other critter.

Fast forward a week or two and Patty and I were out exploring the woods behind our place when we came upon two like minded souls, our neighbor Ryan and his nephew. We had not yet met so after the introductions we chatted a bit. Turns out that Ryan has a pet turtle. And that turtle had gone missing for a few weeks. But now that turtle, Hamster, was back home.

Since then, but for a passing snapping turtle, our pond has remained turtle-less.

Until yesterday that is.

That's when I found this guy.

Hamster Jr.
He was in the middle of the road, heading our way. So I gave him a lift.

Like Hamster Sr. he seemed unafraid of people, although he quickly hid away when a car drove over him.

He's a little guy, as can be seen in the image above.

We set him free near our back pond and he headed straight for it. Here's hoping he takes up residence, and finds it a comfortable place to spend the winter.


Danudin said...

Sure he would look small pictured next to BIGFOOT

MevetS said...

Now now Ron, her feet aren't that big.

(She says that they are "dainty"!)