Thursday, October 2, 2014


Those two monarch caterpillars have become butterflies.

(Monarch Butterflies)

We were checking them each morning and this past Sunday one became transparent. We could see the butterfly inside.

I find it amazing that it can fit in such a compact space. In addition to that whole caterpillar turning into a butterfly thing. Yeah, that's amazing too.

We were warned that it would emerge rather quickly. Alas I was not ready and got this blurry shot.

He, this one is a male, hung there pumping out his wings and exercising his proboscis.

We took him, and her (she would emerge the next day) inside and did this:

The tags were provided by Monarch Watch (by way of the Rancocas Nature Center). We kept them both overnight in a butterfly cage with some food so he could fuel up for his big day tomorrow.

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Linda said...

Awesome! What a thrill to witness. Thanks for sharing.