Saturday, March 7, 2015

Snow Day

The last post mentioned that it was a snow day, and that I was working from home. There are several benefits to working at home, no commute (and no crazy drivers to deal with!), lack of casual interruptions meaning I get more work done, and coffee breaks in my own kitchen.

Which means I can look out my kitchen window, a much nicer view than an office complex parking lot.

And with the images below you can do so vicariously as well.

The Red-shouldered Hawk was even closer this time, it is in the tree behind the triple stump, in the upper right of the image. In the yard rather than on the edge.

The hawk sat in this tree for about three hours. As before, the other birds paid no attention to it. Had it been a coopers or a sharpie sitting there the birds would have been gone.

Hawk Food
As noted in the previous post, we had between sixty and eighty Dark-eyed Juncos. Here's fifteen of them.

People Food
The turkeys on the other hand scared all the smaller birds away.

With seemingly all the Northern Cardinals heading for what we now call the "Cardinal Tree". I count sixteen, with a seventeenth possibly flying in from the lower left.

Curious looking birds, with ugly heads and pretty feather colors, odd looking horns before the eyes and feather "beards". Made all the more photogenic in with the snow.

This much more dapper looking Northern Flicker has become a regular yard bird.

As have the Fox Sparrows, Pine Siskins, and American Goldfich. The only concession made to the cold and snow seemed to be feather puffing when perched. Otherwise it was like any other day at the feeders. Just prettier with the snow.

And it is not just birds that enjoy the food at our feeders. Squirrels make themselves at home as well.

Although before the Red-shouldered Hawk took up his watch over the place we had seven of the gray furry beasts, and after just this one. We need the hawk to take up watch more often.

And given the territorial calls this bird seems to be making we may just get our wish.

I rather like working from home. The only thing better is  not working from home. Alas, that only happens on weekends.

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