Thursday, March 5, 2015

Death of a Junco

"It got a junco!" rang out from the kitchen. "Quick, you can get good shots from that window."

Today we were both home. Snow day. Schools closed for her and me working from home.

And lots of birds at the feeders. Lots. Including somewhere between sixty and eighty Dark-eyed Juncos, a type of sparrow that migrates south to New Jersey for the winter.

And one juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk.

This sharpie also frequents the feeders. But not for the food we put out. But rather for the food it attracts.

Sharpies, you see, eat birds. And there were plenty to choose from today.

Including one unlucky junco (if you bigafy the images you can see the poor thing's leg sticking up).

Eventually the hawk flew off into the woods with its prize. And all the other birds came back. Except the sharpie (and that junco).

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