Sunday, March 22, 2015

And So It Begins ...

The first warbler of the spring to visit our yard.

Despite the fact that we live (just) within the boundaries of the Pinelands National Reserve, we don't have many pines on our property. So this guy probably won't hang around. No doubt stopping by just to refuel.


Officially it is spring in these parts. And on the very first day of the season we enjoyed five inches of snow.

Sundial of the Seasons is the wonderfully evocative title of Hal Borland's collection of NY Times columns on the natural world. An apt description of the rhythm of life. We want winter to be over. We want spring to be here with warmth, with flowers, with singing birds and leaves on the trees. And we want it now.

We'll get what we want. But it will be on Earth's schedule, not ours. So relax. Sit back with a cup of your favorite beverage at your favorite window and watch the world wake up from winter. And enjoy the world at the pace of your ancestors.

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