Sunday, March 1, 2015

Look, Up In The Sky

Another in the continuing series of things I see out my office window ...

The appearance of the sky is always changing. The sun rises and sets, with the colors at dawn and dusk much different than midday. Clouds form and dissipate. Planes and birds and the occasional balloon fly by. The stars appear, move across the sky, and fade away as dawn breaks.

And other things happen too. Like colors in clouds.

Tricky to photograph, with the bright sun overwhelming the camera sensor. I used a camera without an optical viewfinder; looking at the sun can be dangerous to your vision. Even then it was so bright I didn't notice the aircraft until I processed the images. Each image has at least one. Try and find them all.

The best way to observe these phenomena of the daylight sky is to block the sun behind a building, tree, or other obstacle. But you have to look. So when you are out and about look up. Or even when you are stuck inside an office, in meeting after meeting after meeting ...

The changing geometry of the positions of the sun and clouds means that many such phenomena are short lived, so you'll need to look up often. And in this case we see the colors are already fading. They're still visible along the edges, but the vibrant colors throughout the cloud have disappeared.

And yes, that window still needs to be cleaned ...

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