Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ducks on the Pond

When we were looking at what is now our home last June the then current owners invited us over. And while we were sitting on the deck having a drink and a bite to eat a pair of mallards flew into the back pond.

"They fly in every evening," we were told. And sure enough we did see them on subsequent visits.

But never after we took title.

Until yesterday when they, or reasonable facsimiles, returned.

Perhaps they became acclimated to people during their last visit, because when I got the camera they didn't seem to mind all that much. They did swim to the back of the pond however.

Although as you can see, that isn't much further away than the front of the pond. And when I got some corn for them to eat they did not fly away as I came out to deliver it.

And since it is such a small pond, I wonder if they will stay.

Here's hoping that they do. And that we get some ducklings on the pond later this spring. That would be very cool.

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