Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Six: March 29th

                              Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez

Our first morning in Mexico and I'm up with the sun taking pictures and watching the various creatures, including sea lions, whales, rays, pelicans, and humans start their day.

                               Adobe Meets Eastern Europe

That's how my brother described the architecture at the Westin resort in Cabo San Lucas. This where the cab in the 365 Rainbow theme image took us. My sister and her husband and my brother and his wife had to sit through a time share sales pitch, while the rest of our party, including yours truly, were free to wander the grounds. By sitting through the pitch we received free cab fare to and from the Westin, breakfast, two bottles of tequila, and vouchers for dinner and breakfast at our choice restaurants in Cabo. Neither couple bought a timeshare.

                               There be Whales Here!

You'll need to look at a larger version and I didn't have my long lens with me, but if you look past the far point of the open square, you can see the whale's tail as it heads out to sea.


Close up of the walls at the Westin.

                       Finnisterra, where the Desert meets the Sea

Finnisterra, or in English, Land's End, is the bottom of the Baja peninsula. And it is curious to see cactus, palm trees, and the sea in the same view. I find the desert often beautiful and adding the blue of the water just makes it that much better.

                           Literally, Desert meeting the Sea

Makes for a very nice image, even if there aren't any palm trees or cacti.


Allison said...

Wow! These are incredibly gorgeous! I hope you have an amazing time -- I don't doubt you will!

Danudin said...

Seems just like a James Taylor Ballad. Great shots.

Chesney said...

Wow, gorgeous images of your trip - I especially love the last one - Desert meets the Sea - this is spectacular!! Makes me want to go on vacation!!

K said...

These are beautiful! I love the bright colors, and the sunrise pictures is especially pretty.

LauraHinNJ said...

Gorgeous series of pics... makes me want to be there!

Nan said...

Very beautiful area--and very beautiful pictures too. What lovely memories you'll have!