Wednesday, April 15, 2009

365 Theme 86: Environmental Portraits

Meet Pete

Pete Keeps Bees

Here he is Looking for a Queen

The Bees (some of them anyway)

Pete is a fellow member of the Pinelands Photography Group (aka PPG), a very informal photography club. One of Pete's other hobbies is beekeeping. The PPG meets at the Bishop Farmstead, the headquarters of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance. And prior to our last meeting Pete was tending the hives there. So I wandered over form the parking area to take some pictures.

I spent approximately fifteen minutes moving about the bees taking pictures. All this time bees were flying into me, landing on me, and walking on me. Pete cautioned that if they started acting aggressive I should leave. But the bees were quite docile. 

After taking the shots I headed back to the parking area, a distance of about fifty meters or so. There I started taking to a couple of other members, including Pete's wife Elayne, who is also a photographer and member of the PPG. She was staying well away from the bees as she is allergic. Me I'm not. Good thing too, because a bee got lost in my jacket and when it came out it was upset. And I got stung. 


Chesney said...

My uncle is into beekeeping as well - they are so interesting! Great images to depict it!

Mike said...

The narrative that goes along with your photos really draws me in. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

Bishop Farmstead is only about 10 minutes from my house... and I've never been there.

Anonymous said...

Great photos but you'd never get me within miles of the place. As a MUCH YOUNGER girl, I went to an apartment complex to inquire about leasing an apartment. As I walked into the apartment office, a bee started stinging the upper part of my leg. Without thinking, I ripped off my slacks and threw them across the room!!! There I stood in my underwear!!! Even with that display, I managed to secure the apartment, but since then I have stayed away from bees.

lijola said...

Fresh honey...yum. My husband helped a friend who was a commercial beekeeper several years ago - it's hard, hot work. Great photos.

MevetS said...

@ tnwaltz: So let me get this right, as a young and presumably attractive young woman, you walk into the rental office, rip off you clothes, and you're surprised you were allowed to stay?

@ Everyone: Thanks for your comments.

mljrbg said...

Great series of photos telling the story about the bees along with your detailed commentary. You are very brave to have gone that close to them!!

Madelaine said...

Great shots and perfect for the theme. Did Pete ever mention anything about the disappearanace of the honeybees from CCD?

Clara said...

Great story and a great series of pictures.

MevetS said...

@ Madelaine: No, no mention of CCD.

@ Everyone: Thanks again for your comments.