Saturday, April 13, 2019

Yard Critter of the Week - Osprey


An unexpected yard critter, for while we do have two ponds, one loaded with fish, it is much to small to attract an Osprey.

And it didn't.

This yard critter was just passing by, a flyover.

Pure luck that I spotted it at all.

I was sitting at my desk, working at home (those were the days ...), when movement in the sky caught my eye. "That looks different", so I grabbed my desk binoculars. "Osprey". Bins down I grab the camera and rush outside, but rather than circling back it continues on its way.

I fired off a few shots. Speck-birds all. The above the best of the bunch. Barely blog worthy.

But cool to see.

🐦  🐦  🐦

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